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Learn 1 on 1 includes theory & hands on practice with Einat Dan


It’s been a hard time in our industry during COVID-19 Since this time makes it difficult for Einat to travel and to give her unique masterclasses around the world, Einat still wanted to find a way to give support to artists that wish to study with her.
In light of the current climate Einat Dan is now offering the opportunity to virtually learn and practice your makeup skills with her live online.

60 minutes Makeup Masterclass and a Makeup Lesson, taught online using Zoom- The class will combine makeup theory, demonstration and practical time for 1 on 1 session. This class is designed for makeup artists with some experience of working with clients, magazines, brides, looking to elevate their current technique/skill set as a makeup artist.

1 on 1 meaning -private class only you and Einat Dan.

you will learn the best tips and secrets of make-up in the topic that you will choose after your booking,  you will contact Einat or her assistant via email or whatsapp and you will decide together what is best for you to learn and to improve your skills, this private class are really powerful for your career and success as a makeup artist. 

Einat Dan will demonstrate the makeup and explain the theory behind each technique, follow her one step at a time, as you practice your skills, together with Einat support and advice.

you will have to have a model/ friend to practice on.

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